Some Well-Known Pink Diamonds Are

The Argyle Diamond Mine is situated in a remote corner of northwest Australia and it creates more than 90 percent of the world stock of pink diamonds but then less than 1/10 of 1 percent is termed Pink in color.

The pink diamonds are coming with various ranges of pastel Rose, say for example from pink Orchid to intense purple. This is also known as Moussaieff Red. The prices of these diamonds are based on the intensity of its color and tone. It is sold with a price of $1,000,000 per carat. There are two types of fancy colored diamonds- Type I & Type II. The pink diamonds have come in the type II category, which is also known as plastic deformation. The Type I diamonds are those that derived its color from the blemishes embedded in it.

Type II diamonds are having tiny nitrogen impurities in it and it gets its color due to structural deformation in its electron sector. Which are we already know as plastic deformation?

Deformation was at the time of carbon’s crystal growth formation. The extreme pressure propelled the change in its lattice structure, which we may call in the molecular structure change, due to some radiation by the nearby elements. Thus the stone got its pink color. Other than pink there are the Red and Brown colored diamonds also available. It is found that one out of every 60 largest diamonds in the globe is pink. It is a sudden web hit that increased to 300 to 400 times to the websites selling pink diamonds while Ben Affleck has given a solitaire engagement ring to his love-Jenifer Lopez. Though these pink diamonds are not big like the other diamonds, still some of them have got fame already:


It is a rare piece of diamond with a weight of 175 to 195 carats with a light pink color. The weight of this diamond was not measured exactly as it is crowned to Iranian crown jewels and considered the oldest one in the earth. It has been crowned for over 130 years. This is known as the biggest pink diamond ever found in the world, so far.

Pink Panther:

Pink Panther is known as the world’s most famous pink diamond excavated from North-Western Australia’s Argyle mine. The stone is with its oval shape and mounted on a ring with a weight of 59.60 carats.

Steinmetz Pink:

The Steinmetz pink diamond is considered as the largest vivid pink fancy diamond with a weight of 59.60 carats extracted from the South African diamond mine. This is the diamond that has the FL (internally flawless) grade quality and almost 20 expert jewelers have taken over 20 months’ time to make it internally flawless. The piece of diamond was showcased in Monaco, in 2003. There were more than 50 models/dummy created before the real cutting process starts.

Because of the complicated structures of these pink diamonds, it is taking almost three to four weeks to make the rough diamonds flawless, intense, and graceful. In the case of the other diamonds, this process would take hardly one to two week’s time. To read more about Argyle’s creation go to the website today.