How to Find the Right Pub Table For Your Home

What made you decide to run a pub?

When we started out we knew that we wanted to take over a pub, so we put in for a few different ones. When the decision came through, we only had two weeks to get everything ready for the re-opening.

We opened in the winter, which meant there was less pressure but also fewer customers, at least initially. Even so, opening is very hard work and new owners can expect to work fifteen to sixteen hours a day for the first six or seven months.

(TIP) Getting Help – If your pub is tied to a particular brewery, they can be a great free resource for training events and marketing packs. Another good resource are the local councils. Be sure to take advantage of their training and advice.

What advice can you recommend to others starting out?

When you take over a pub, there is usually lots of cleaning involved. We ended up buying a lot of cleaning products from a local supermarket, which we could have 강남달토 got cheaper somewhere else like a wholesaler of barware goods.

Another early step is re-arranging the layout of the pub to suit your focus. We feel that pubs should be about socialising, not just drinking so we brought in large couches. We also cut down the number of barstools to create a more welcoming environment for potential customers. When a new customer walks in the door, a bar area crowded with customers sitting on stools can actually create an obstacle between them and you!

Televisions are important, and because there is so much competition, 50 inch screens can be bought very cheaply and will pay for themselves. To create a more social atmosphere we also added a pool table and a Wii. These changes encourage our local customers to think of our pub as their living room.

(TIP) Hire a Cleaner – Hiring a cleaner through a company to come in for an hour every day is very convenient. In London, services are about £9 per hour, and if your regular cleaner can’t make it, the service will automatically send someone else.

How did you manage the logistics of it all?

If you have more time for planning before you begin, one of the things I wish we had done was to research our suppliers more carefully. For food, drinks, and other perishables which need to be ordered every week, price is important but so is convenience. We try to have everything delivered on the same day, when we know there will be staff to receive it. In the UK suppliers can be less accommodating, but you should definitely push to make sure they can do this.