How to enjoy your summers in Dubai?

How to enjoy your summers in Dubai?

If you have bought a bungalow or one of the apartments for sale in City walk Dubai, you are probably thinking to stay in this city gold for quite a while. However, if you are excited for summers in Dubai and ready to hit the beach, strip down to your shorts and thongs, we have bad news for you. The weather during the summer in Dubai is not just hot it is sizzling!

In addition to unbearably high temperatures, summers here are also extremely humid. As a result, enjoying your summer holidays in Dubai only involves staying as close to air condition as possible. However, it is not as boring as it sounds, as a matter of fact, there is a lot one can do in Dubai during summers. If you are curious to find out what, read on!


Although you cannot play on the beaches during summer, swimming is absolutely allowed and even recommended here. Especially if you are staying at one of the great beach-front hotels of Dubai, you can literally have a party in the waters of the Arabian Gulf. However if the water temperature rises to thirty degrees, swimming is not exactly fun anymore.

The hotel’s swimming pool can be used as a great alternative, as it would be chilled and well refrigerated to mild twenty degrees. Even if you are not staying at the hotel, you can avail the day membership so residents can enjoy the facilities on a casual basis.

Although this option might not be cheap, you can shop around and check the websites for more economical deals. In addition, you can also call and enquire for more budget-friendly suits in a nearby location.

However, you still might not be able to wear a really short dress. Jandals, flip flops, or thongs are fine, you should never overlook the local sensibilities in mind. Any deliberate attempt can be deemed as antagonizing the conservative hosts and can land you in serious consequences.

You can also do a back-lawn barbecue, but if you do not have the access to a backyard, doing so might not be a great idea. That is because you would not be able to endure the intense heat and humidity.

Mini-marathon in the morning

If you are someone who cannot stand too much heat yet can not stay at home bored all day, hit the mall as they are perfectly air-conditioned.

Here, we are not suggesting you drain all your money by buying things aimlessly as a way to avoid climatic bounds. That is malls in Dubai encourage you to use their kilometers of corridor space for walking exercise.

Mall of Emirates happily allows shoppers to use their corridors for their morning running and walking.

Although there is a blatant commercial motive in these cases i.e. more exercises would make their coffee shops and breakfasts points flourish, as long one is moved to make healthier life choices, it is all good.

Enjoy the bus ride

Unless you are in Dubai for a brief visit, we cannot recommend using the new buses enough. These buses are all air-conditioned, double-decked and around two-thirds of their deck is open. If the climatic challenge or outdoors goes a little too much for you, you can easily duck into the air-conditioned upstairs partition.

Although buses are not the best option if you are visiting Dubai for a short trip, the Dubai Big Bus Company is an exception. This amazing company offers one price, hop on and hop off service, which piles the route every visit-worthy place for a short stay.

Stay very close to the water

Since being close to water makes a huge difference to the temperature perception, you should head to the beach as evening arrives.

Furthermore, some great beaches in Dubai like The One and Only Royal Mirage’s Beach Bar and Grill would offer you to sit inside and watch the cathartic water waves. There is also The Boardwalk, which is the part of an ever-widening Yacht Club and Creek Golf and hosts an over-water deck, which catches sea breeze beautifully.

All in all, there a great many options to enjoy in the Gulf life of Dubai. The only thing you need to ensure is that you are not staying out for too long in the middle of the day. To enjoy all the perks at their best, we suggest you get a penthouse for sale in Dubai.