How to clean the gutters

Regarding the cleaning of gutters, it is necessary to evaluate what needs to be removed.In the case of any oxidation/encrustations in the gutters, it is necessary to act through specific products that allow the removal of the greenish color assumed following oxidation. All this is possible using a special thick cloth, which, wet with a chemical product made specifically to eliminate the effect of climatic events, will allow you to remove the signs of oxidation.

Although it will be necessary to use high energy in scrubbing, it is important not to overdo it so as not to damage the gutter with excessive pressure.In order not to pass the previously removed dirt from one area to another, it is important to rinse the cloth using a bucket filled with warm water.In all this, moreover, it is good to protect the face and hands with special tools, so as not to damage even oneself.If the concern for the use of these products is high, it is possible to remove the oxidation fruit through natural acid compounds, such as vinegar or the more classic lemon juice, distributed in hot water.

They probably won’t be as effective, but either way, you won’t risk anything.In the case of dirt accumulated inside the ducts, however, just use gloves, brushes and/or shovels, and bags to collect the dirt.This procedure is one that needs to be repeated more frequently, as it is easier to accumulate dirt over time, rather than oxidizing the gutters. Although it is boring and unwilling to carry out, unfortunately, it must be done to avoid any kind of hitch.

Once the ‘bulk’ of the dirt has been cleaned, the duct can be rinsed using a hydraulic pump or any tool that allows you to rinse the gutters. In this way, the residues removed, but still present, will be permanently removed.

The final operation can consist of the last polishing, made specifically to guarantee the original brilliance through specific products (and which are different from antioxidant products), or in a coat of paint, in the case of aluminum gutters (which often are covered by a layer of varnish), which must be periodically painted.

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