Google XML Sitemaps Plug-In: Why In case you Use It?

The WordPress Google XML Sitemaps Plug-in is a feature which creates a very good sitemap that helps the search engines in the process of thoroughly indexing your blog or website. This plug-in also informs the Google algorithm in the architecture of your page or blog. When you have a sitemap in your site, the web spiders or crawlers can easily read its structure and navigate through your page effectively and precisely. Sitemaps make it a lot easier for Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines to crawl on your site and index the pages. The WP XML Sitemaps supports almost every WordPress created page and custom-made URLs.

XML, which stands for “extensible markup language” is the programming language used in writing sitemaps. If you don’t have any knowledge about programming for your website, XML Sitemap Generator you will have a difficult time writing your sitemaps. But there’s no need to worry because the WP XML Sitemaps plug-in will do the job for you. With this, a sitemap for your site can be generated with ease. You no longer have to write manually an XML file.

Different Tasks Performed by XML Sitemaps Plug-in

Aside from enabling the web spiders to index your blog, the WP Google Sitemaps plug-in also do the following tasks:

1. Send notification to Ask, MSN, Yahoo and Google each time the user uploads and publishes a new post or when the user makes revisions or edits to his or her pages.
2. The plug-in automatically makes pages with the URLs which were recently updated. These include the frequency these changes have happened and also the priority each link must receive.
3. This plug-in is very customizable, allowing users to import and include pages that are outside the WordPress applications.
4. Robot.txt file is optional. This communicates with the bots which are the precise whereabouts of your sitemaps.

Reasons to Use the XML Sitemaps

In the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the primary rule is to have your pages indexed by search engines as soon and as effective as possible. This must be done to ensure that Internet users will find you when they browse various sites. Once you have installed your WP XML Sitemap plug-in, you will immediately notice the difference and you’ll also see the benefits such as an increased traffic to your blog, more exposure, established presence on the web and high visibility among online users.

On Using the XML Sitemaps

Don’t fret over using the sitemaps for the first time because the plug-in is easy to use. First, you need to search for the “Google XML Sitemaps” in your WP dashboard and then activate the plug-in before navigating to the settings page. Here are the things that you need to perform: