Betting on hockey: basic rules for beginners

Hockey is an unusually bright game that attracts the attention of millions of supporters and betting fans. To analyze it is important to be attentive and take into account all the nuances that may affect the outcome. The more information is analyzed, the more accurate the prediction will be. To compare your own observations with others, you can use ready-made sports betting sites from the analysts of betting companies.

Before making a bet at the bookmaker, you should always read its rules and conditions for betting on ice hockey. They vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. You should be especially attentive to the nuances that relate to the accounting of winnings with or without overtime and shootout.

Features of hockey betting

Hockey, just like any other sports discipline in betting, has its own peculiarities that need to be known when making a prediction:

  1. Hockey is full of willed victories. The losing opponent at any moment can gather his strength and score several goals against his opponent.
  2. Meetings are very frequent, so it is easier to make the most objective statistics.
  3. Goalkeepers are replaced by sixth field players. This should always be taken into account.
  4. Frequent removal of players from the arena is a typical phenomenon, so there is a high probability of one of the teams playing with a smaller squad.

Taking into account all these factors will help to make a quality prediction and thus increase the probability of betting.

Analysis of hockey meetings

Victory in this sport directly depends on the chemistry, understanding and interaction of the players of the club. It is worth paying attention to this in the analysis. You should also follow the news about the transfers. It is also worth taking into account that if a player leaves for another club, he will not give his all to the game. And the newcomer to the team must go through an adaptation period to show all his capabilities and potential. The stardom and fame of the coach is also not a very strong argument for a supposed win. In the history of hockey, there are many striking examples of little-known coaches taking their clubs to the top championships.

To make a quality prediction, you should take into account a number of key factors:

  1. The physical condition of the teams. It is worth to read the previous five meetings and analyze where the teams play better: at home or away. The tactics of the game in the home arena may be quite different from the guest one. The support of the fans gives strength and confidence, the team gathers all its forces under such pressure and goes to victory. If the club regularly loses on the road, chances to win again are minimal.
  2. The history of the confrontation. This discipline is quite complex in terms of tactics of the game. Different clubs use different schemes that may not combine with each other, also there is a moment of “uncomfortable opponent”. In order to understand this, it is worth analyzing the previous meetings of the opponents.
  3. If the club has a great desire to win, it greatly increases its chances.
  4. Injuries and disqualifications. To understand the full picture, it is important to have up-to-date information about the players who will be absent on the ice.

It is also important to consider additional points, such as: a change of coaching staff, replacement of the reserve goalie, team fatigue, the time of the competition (at the beginning of the tournament or at the end). Analyzing all these aspects will greatly increase the chances of making a successful bet.

Before the game, it is necessary to analyze the favorite. If he has certain difficulties (for example, the main player is absent or the reserve goalkeeper is out), the underdog has a higher probability of winning. It is necessary to regularly study the predictions made by experts and compare their conclusions with your own. This makes it possible to identify mistakes and weaknesses that have not been carefully worked out. They can easily be found on the websites of legal bookmakers, as well as on special sports information resources, such as Scores24. There are not only predictions here, but also fresh, up-to-date information, as well as statistics.

When playing hockey betting, you should not forget that there are no guarantees of 100% winnings in betting. This is a gambling hobby where there is always a risk, you have to remember that. To play successfully, it is always important to control your bankroll and emotions, analyze it and follow the news. Only cold-bloodedness, knowledge, scrupulosity and experience can significantly increase the chances of winning over a long distance.