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A very serious problem has been identified and it is so widespread that it is now thought to be affecting many of our states, especially those in the southern and western areas. Diamond Drywall Contractors San Diego This health risk has been linked to imported dry wall that has been useful for new housing predominantly during the years of 2005 and 2006.

It’s been explained that the demand for dry wall was great because of the many houses which were built during this time period. Even Hurricane Katrina is currently being blamed for creating this type of dependence on reconstruction that it created shortages of the essential housing need of dry wall.

In a single area, L.A. County mold inspection agencies were categorised as to investigate complaints of an extremely bad sulfur or rotten egg smell but may find no proof any fungus causing the health issues that people were experiencing.

But when L.A.County environmental air testing was used, it had been found that many of these complainants had high degrees of sulfide fumes originating from the dry wall of their homes. Some signs your home may be suffering from this problem and that you and your family could be at an increased risk:

o If your home includes a rotten egg smell and your efforts to find the cause and eliminate it have already been fruitless, this could be a tremendous tip-off that you have the problem dry wall installed in your home. This obnoxious odor has also been referred to as an ammonia smell that’s very strong and just won’t go away whatever a person does to remove it.

If you or other people in your loved ones is experiencing respiratory problems or nose bleeds, it could be a sign your health is being threatened by this insidious problem.

Doctors have stressed that immediate treatment is necessary and as is always the case in these circumstances, the elderly and small children are most vulnerable to severe consequences.

It is vital therefore that if it is suspected that a home could possibly be contaminated with this particular defective dry wall that it be identified and those people most susceptible be quickly removed from that location. Not heeding this warning could result in severe illness and even death according to authorities on this matter.

If it is noticed that various metals in your home have begun to show color and even tarnish, beware that this is just another sign that you might be besieged by this issue. It’s been reported that any number of metal items have been affected with this tell tale symptom that may include but is not limited by: jewelry, door handles, and even appliances.

There have even been reported cases of corrosion of copper plumbing and air conditioning coils. If these things could be ruined by the invisible gas from the imported dry wall consider how a person’s health could be virtually destroyed.

In short, if offered the unfortunate issue of polluted imported dry wall you should immediately take action by reporting it to local authorities and by firmly taking steps to protect your family’s well-being and health.