A Villa in the Caribbean – Relaxation at its Peak

Tourists now prefer villa accommodation to the typical resort or hotel stay for their Caribbean vacation.
Generally speaking, the 4 reasons to choose a villa accommodation are:

o Soledad: Villa accommodations offer more privacy than hotels or resorts. Couples can enjoy a quixotic getaway. People willing to spend quality time exclusively with their relatives Caribbean also prefer villas.
o Accommodation: Friends and families can stay comfortably and each has a private bedroom and bathroom at their disposal. As these villas charge by the number of nights spent and not by the number of occupants, friends and family can get together and pay the rent. And it usually comes out cheaper (surprised, right?) Than luxury hotels or resorts. Also, some Caribbean hotels do not offer units with more than 2 bedrooms.

o Facilities: Private pools, hot tubs, tennis courts and the villa’s beachfront property are a close second on the list.
o Dinner: the villas give you the privilege of having your private chef prepare everything you want to savor. After a day of sightseeing, swimming or lounging on the beach, it is refreshing to be served a home cooked meal upon your return. Many travelers make arrangements to have the villa stocked upon arrival. We advise tourists to visit each Caribbean island as a separate entity to soak up its beauty. If the must-sees on your list include the beautiful islands, then a villa in the hills of St. Lucia or on the island of Dominica would be ideal for you. If Santa Lucia has a breathtaking view of the hillside during the day, the Dominican islands are fascinating at night. Hillside villas would definitely not offer beachfront, but they do have pools as a substitute!

The islands of Barbados, Jamaica, and St. Thomas generally offer fully staffed villas including butler, chef, laundress, maid, and gardener. These also attract vacationers who are taken by luxurious golf courses. The staff employed is trained to meet the demands of vacationers and make your stay an unforgettable experience. St Barts, St Martins or the islands of Barbados should be your ideal destinations if you are looking for exclusive world class cuisines. The French islands of St Barts and St Martins offer unrivaled French delicacies with over 100 restaurants at your service. Barbados, known for its gastronomy par excellence, offers the best selection of diverse menus.
Those looking for a luxurious getaway should head to Virgin Gorda or Tortola, both located in the British Virgin Islands. Villas at Virgin Gorda provide excellent beach access along with some lucrative boat and snorkelling excursions. What would be your ideal vacation in a Caribbean villa?
The options are vast to choose from, whether it’s the spacious 10-bedroom or one-bedroom villas, or rent the entire island! While some provide you with private chefs, some even allow the option of dining on your own!