A New Swedish Whisky Is Born

2012 will pass down in history as the yr a new Swedish whisky first saw the light of day. In February, Swedish whisky connoisseurs ought to have a good champagne time the appearance of this particular and sensuous liquor.

Like many culinary masterpieces, this golden beverage become first only a one-guy dream. It all began inside the past due 1970’s while a younger Swedish lad found out he had an first rate interest in flavors and smells. Son of a restaurant proprietor, he grew up growing his palate and appreciation of satisfactory ingredients and wine.

In the early 1990’s he spent a yr running at a renowned restaurant and wine house: St Francis and Cakebread Cellars in northern California. Later, he had the hazard to visit the pot still distillery, St. George in San Francisco. This planted a seed of idea in his lifestyles: the preference to test with recipes to create new flavor reports with pleasant high-quality spirits.

There was no turning returned – he had found his calling in life. The seek became on to compile recipes and analyze the whole lot he ought to from distillers in Scotland. When the time became right, he would be prepared!

Sure sufficient, a few years later, an ideal opportunity materialized. Henric Molin and his spouse Anja, hooked up a eating place, whisky bar & conference center on the small island of Ven (historically spelled “Hven”), positioned in the strait between Denmark and Sweden. They named their centers: “The Spirit of Hven”.

Thus, this stunning island patch of farmland and seashores have become home to the sector’s smallest business nonetheless pot distillery. In the summer of 2008, Henric Molin became equipped to release his extremely good test.

The new casks were manufactured from virgin wood from the best o.K. In Missouri, then specially pro before they have been filled with the distillates. Maturation in these casks creates about forty to 80 percent of the whisky’s particular man or woman.

The three pot stills are of copper, exposing just the proper floor to form sublime scents and tastes for the discerning whisky palate.

This single malt whisky is crafted from three recipes. One uses citrus and tropical culmination, another has nuts and chocolate. The 1/3 recipe is normally very smoky in flavor.

Henric Molin’s aim is to acquire a excellent stability of perfume, flavors and sensuousness. Every sip ought to deliver a awesome and memorable “punch within the mouth”.